Fighter Fish Or Betta Fish

Fighter fish is one of the favorite fishes of people who keep fresh water aquariums at home.
Jun 30, 2017, 1:57 pm ISTFishesLoveAnimals Staff
Betta Fish
  Betta Fish

Siamese fighting fish, also known as Betta or fighter fish is one of the most famous home aquarium pet fishes, with Goldfish coming at number one. Fighter Fish is not aggressive when it comes to being with other fishes in one fish tank, but it is highly aggressive if kept with other fighter fishes, esp male fighter. You just cannot keep two fighter fishes in one fish tank, either one or both will die fighting with each other.

The males are very beautiful and have long and colorful fins. The most common fighter fish colors are blue, green, red and pink. These fishes are easy to breed. Females just lay eggs, but it is the male who builds the water nest and raises the fries.

Bettas eat meat. Those kept as pets are typically fed freeze-dried bloodworms that are available at any pet store. In the wild, bettas feast on bloodworms, shrimp, and insects like crickets, flies or even grasshoppers.