Chandrapur Tigress Walks For 76 Days, 500 Kilometers

This Indian Tigress from Maharashtra walked for 76 days, crossing the NH6 twice, to return to Bor Tiger Reserve.
Oct 12, 2017, 11:19 am ISTAnimalsLoveAnimals Staff

A Tigress in Maharashtra walked for 500 KMs after being chased by a hunter. She had a radio collar that constantly gave away her location. The tigress Brahmapuri not only dodged death but also covered an whopping 500 kms since its release in Bor Tiger Reserve.

According to a Mumbai daily, "In the 76 days since its release on July 29 it traversed through fields and forests, streams and hillocks, marshy patches and tall grasses, negotiated several roads, and crossed the busy 4-lane NH6 twice, only to now return to Bor. During these days it is believed to have survived mostly on cattle and small prey, and also made two human kills. It was tracked all through by a team of foresters. In later days, the team included an experienced hunter with an order to kill it."

After its human kills, it faces death by bullets or a life in captivity. The tigress was captured on July 10 from South Brahmapuri after it attacked human beings. It was released in a patch of Bor that had no other tigers on July 29 in a hope it would find enough prey not to kill humans and make the forest its home.