Know Your Pet Rights

Must read if you are a pet owner and are being harassed by your society to abandon your pet. Your Pets have rights too.
Oct 31, 2017, 11:02 am ISTLoveAnimals Staff
Rights Of Pet Owners In india
  Rights Of Pet Owners In india

Many of us in India are animal lovers and keep pets as our companions. However, pet owners are often discriminated against in the society and are subject to unfair laws that are enforced upon them by their societies. As a pet owner, you must be aware of the following pet rights:

Housing Societies Cannot Ban Pets: Even if your society's bylaws state that it is illegal to keep pets, please note that it is actually illegal to ban pets from the society.

Society Cannot Dictate The Size Of Your Pet: Society cannot discriminate between big and small size dogs. For instance, a society cannot allow smaller dogs but ban the large ones.

Dog Barking Not A Valid Reason For Ban: A Society cannot use reasons like "Your dog barks too much" to enforce a ban.

Restrict The Use Of Elevators: As per Bombay High Court rulings, a society cannot impose extra charges to allow pets to use the lifts.

No Entry In The Parks: Banning pets from gardens or building parks is illegal. A society can, however, fix a specific time for pets to ensure that it doesn't make other people present in the park uncomfortable.

For You To Use Leashes: At most, societies can request you to put your pets on a leash when they are being walked in common areas, but they cannot force you to do so.

Forceful Use Of Muzzles: The law already ensures that negligent pet owners are penalized. A society cannot force owners to make their pets wear muzzles.

Force You To Clean Their Waste: At most, societies can request you to do so, but cannot force you to clean up your pets poop. However, as a pet owner, this is basic courtesy - scoop up your pet's poop, it will make your neighbors happy and keep your surroundings clean.

Intimidate Pet Owners: Any intimidation towards a pet owner to abandon the pet is in violation of the law and punishable under the IPC.